How Spot A Ride Works


  • Driver and Rider can register via his Email Id, Facebook, Twitter or Gmail Account. And also set their Mobile Number, Name, etc

  • Driver and Rider will also have the option to login via his Email Id, Facebook, Twitter or Gmail Account.

  • Forgot password? No problem! You can retrieve it using the Forgot Password option

driverrider account verification


  • Riders & Drivers will need to verify their Mobile Number via SMS.



  • A quick & user-friendly way to access all features of the Rider's App. Riders can see all past trips, enter emergency contacts, update payment information, invite friends, and Contact Support.

  • A driver can access his Trips Statistics, Manage Vehicles & their documents. The Driver can also update his profile, update his banking information, manage his vehicles, access his Way Bill for emergency situations, check out the hot spots, see the feedback from Riders, invite friends and contact support all from the home menu.


rider book a trip


  • Rider will type the Pickup Location and Destination Address.

  • Rider will then need to select the Car Type from the available Car Types. Upon this, he will also be able to see the Approximate Fare for his trip.

  • The Rider can enter a promo code for discounts or referrals and select with credit/debit card to use.

  • The Rider can select the small car icon at the left of the request bar for book later option

  • driver get online


  • If a driver has more than one car, he can select the Car he is going to drive now.

  • The Driver will become online by sliding the go online option at the bottom of the screen. Once he is online, the Spot A Ride system will be able to send him ride requests made by the riders in his range.

  • Once the Ride Request button is selected by Rider, the request is immediately submitted in the App and is sent to all the Drivers within Range.

  • All the Driver's in range will receive a notification on their smartphone with a countdown screen. They will have the option to Accept or Reject/Ignore the incoming ride Request. They will also see the Pickup Location & Destination Address of the requested ride before they accept the ride.


drivers receive rider request


  • As soon as the Driver accepts the ride, he will see rider's pickup location on Map. He can use the standard, Spot A Ride map or choose to navigate using Google Maps or Waze.

  • After accepting the ride, He can view the Rider's details (name & pic) and can also contact via SMS or call via his phone if he wants to ask for directions, etc.. All information is masked to protect both the Driver and the Rider.

rider see driver details


  • The Driver will drive to the pickup location and mark the status as "Arrived.”

  • The Rider can also Call or text the Driver, Share the Ride detail on social networking sites.


  • Once the Driver has arrived at the pick up location he will select “Arrived” on the driver app.

  • A notification will be show up on the screen as soon as the Driver has arrived at the pickup location.



  • Once the Rider has entered the car and is safely buckled in, The Driver will slide the button to begin the trip.

  • The Rider is notified the trip has began. This ensures the correct Rider is picked up.

  • The Rider can see the navigation of the trip.


  • In-case of emergency or any unfortunate event, the Driver or Rider can contact police on a single click or can click on send message button. Upon this, their exact location with help message will be sent to their 5 contacts.


  • Once the destination has been reached, the Driver will Slide the button to end the trip.

  • The Rider will see the in-app notification that the Trip is completed.


  • Once the ride is complete, the invoice summary will be displayed on the Driver's app.

  • The Driver will click on "Collect Payment", the money will be AUTO deducted from the Credit Card of the Rider on file.

  • The Driver can rate the Rider

  • The Rider sees the invoice detail on the Rider App with a breakdown. When the payment is deducted from Rider's credit card, the Rider will see a notification that the money was deducted.


  • The Rider can Tip the Driver

  • The Rider will be asked if he/she would like to tip the Driver. The Rider can enter the tip amount and it will be deducted from the credit card on file.

  • Spot A Ride never takes any deductions from the tip.



  • Drivers and Riders can rate each other at the end of the trip


Spot A Ride Rider Demo

Click on the link below to view the Rider Demo.


Spot A Ride App Demo

Below is a video to show you how Spot A Ride Works

*Cash option varies from state to state and from country to country


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