About Us

No Surge Pricing! Female Only Rides available upon resquest!
The Application is the smart way of travelling, all with your smart phone and three little taps. Tap and look for your ride, Tap and book your ride and Tap and complete your ride. Your tap brings the driver to you for the best riding experience of your life, each one better than the previous one.  No hassles of giving directions because your driver knows exactly where you want to go. Payment completed via your credit card. Just sit back and enjoy your ride!
We Provide transportation for all your business or personal needs.  Whether you need a ride to work, need to go grocery shopping or just want to go out for the evening...We are there.  Moving? Need a truck?  Just pack everything and we will take it to your new location.  Buying furniture?  Call us, we will deliver it for you.  We transport office furniture too!